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The girl on the bus

The last time I met a stranger on a bus, we became friends. Ten years later we are still in touch with each other across continents and time differences. Maybe it is the spontaneous and organic nature of random interactions that help people relax and enjoy knowing each other. Maybe it is the sense ofContinue reading “The girl on the bus”

I am the one who knocked Part II

Here’s what happened in Part 1: https://onethingleadstoanother470998289.wordpress.com/2020/11/12/i-am-the-one-who-knocked/ A girl, whom I have obviously woken up, comes out and, after apologizing profusely I tell her my situation. She is deeply sympathetic but she doesn’t live here unfortunately. She’s house-sitting for the actual tenants, who are travelling and are therefore out of network coverage. Could it BEContinue reading “I am the one who knocked Part II”

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